NEWS | Pledis Posted a Notice about to the Audition Place

2011 PLEDIS THE FIRST AUDITION 현장접수 방법 (2nd Round of Audition Site)

On March 22nd, Pledis posted this image at their official website, saying:

Hello! I’m the Audition’s Representative.
This is the field reception for 2011 PLEDIS THE FIRST AUDITION_After School Boys.

The 2nd round for the audition is on March 26th, Saturday from 12 o’clock. Please refer to the site.

– Details –

Date/Time: March 26, 2011, Saturday; 12 noon

Location: Cheongdam Pledis Studio (7-9 Cheongdam, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Building B1)

*Dance Sector proceeding, please bring music CD

– Directions –

~ By Subway

Take Exit 7 to Exit 8 Route Cheongdam straight then come into the street with two security center, intersection, and turn right at the alley.

Go straight down to the basement, to ‘Jonggajip’ where it was written.

~ By Bus

JiSun bus (G): 3219, 4419 to Cheongdam Bureaus or  Cheongdam Police, stop in the center, then walk 3 minutes refer to the map.

credit: Pledis
Source: ASB



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