RUMOR/PROFILE | Park Jiho will become a Member of After School Boys?

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Jiho is one of the Popular Ulzzang that has been on YTN’s Ulzzang Shi Dae and Kkootjo. He was in a project boy band from Flower Men Corporation consisting of Ulzzang Park Taejun and Lee Chihoon. They have released a single called “Flower Men Corp” and “사랑찬가” (Love Recipe) as it’s Title Track.

It is rumored that Park JiHo will be a part of Pledis New Boy Group After School Boys. Park Jiho is Very Popular for his Good Looks and Good Vocals. He is also known for his Popular Online Shopping Mall Daita.

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Profile INFO

Name: Park Ji Ho (박지호)

Brithday: 1989

Age: 21

Debut: Comedy TV Ulzzang Generation Season 2

Shows: Star King(Cross Dress Episode, Winner)Comedy TV Ulzzang Generation Season 2,Comedy TV Ulzzang Generation Season 3,Comedy TV Ulzzang Generation Season 4, Flower Men Corporation

Weight: 60kg

Height: 180cm

Blood Type: A

Source: Fuckyeahjiho@ Tumblr + Naram @ YM
credit: Elite Rebels

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