NEWS | Guy on After School’s “Play Ur Love” MV Caught Netizens’ Interest

This guy from above who was featured in After School‘s “Play Ur Love” Music Video and is also rumored to be the 1st member caught Netizens interest.

After 16 days since After School’s First Official Album “Virgin” was released, it’s track “Play Ur Love‘s” MV was revealed.

Fans were very interested when the MV was publish and saw the appearance of this new face. However, the short emerge as seen in his dark eyebrows and cute smiles stressing that it’s still unknown to refer.

For just less than a minute, he exert a good presence that made fans anticipate. Netizens “Who is this? I’m dying to know.”, “Unconsciously, I fell in love with his smile.”, “God, it’s an actor? It’s like Yunho, Lee Seung Gi’s debut” were left by them.

Currently, After School’s Shampoo and Play Ur Love are still active to public to start a unit activity induce curiosity which sparked.

Source : MyDaily

Translation : AfterSchoolblaze 


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