SPOILER | Park Ji Ho Will Not be Joining After School Boys

fallingmeteor :

About the ‘rumored’ After School Boys member Park Jiho.. First of all, I’m a Haebaragi, a fan of Park Jiho. After I heard some weeks ago that Jiho might make his debut in After School Boys, I started to stalk him for a while and I can say that Park Jiho WON’T debut in After School Boys.

After School Boys is said to be a teenager idol group, so he would fall out of it because he may be too old for the group. Jiho is currently a member of the show “Ulzzang Shidae 5” and the show will probably end in Autumn/Winter. He’s also a member of the ‘Ulzzang’ band called MIST so it’s impossible for him to join ASB because he just joined it.

There were some rumors a while ago that Lee Chihoon, another Ulzzang, will join ASB. I talked to some Korean Chihoon fans and they said that some people saw Jiho and Chihoon leaving the Pledis building. In Ulzzang Shidae 4 Jiho said that he got an offer as a singer after his show “Flower Boys Coorporation” ended (Pledis?). But he rejected that offer because he always wanted to be an actor (Actor Debut: Han Groo – Witch Girl). Back to Chihoon..He was in the line-up for Led Apple but left it because of the music taste. That’s what Led Apple’s agency said, but Chihoon joined the ‘Ulzzang’ band named MIST. Jiho also joined that band. Both joined the band some weeks ago and had a performance some days ago. So it’s impossible for him to join Pledis when he’s under a different agency. There’s also another point why it’s impossible for him to join ASB..It’s not really an important point but Jiho has a girlfriend. Okay, everyone could break up with their girlfriend to become a celebrity but both are about to get engaged~ (Don’t ask me where I got the info, I just heard it from some fans and Ulzzang Shidae. Maybe a bit exaggerated but they’ve been dating for a long time now~~)
That’s it. LOL. And sorry for my bad English ;A;


He got a point. So now, we’ll be waiting for any confirmations or announcements from Pledis Entertainment. Stay Tuned!

Credit : @fallingmeteor

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2 responses to “SPOILER | Park Ji Ho Will Not be Joining After School Boys

  1. AfterSchoolBlaze

    No confirmations yet

  2. so,who the one made a cameo in shanghai romance mv? isn’t he ParkJiho?

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