NEWS l Sneak Peek to ASB Members

Earlier Today Pictures has been uploaded through the net that has caught netizens interest. as pledis has given some new pics of their much awaited Male version of “After School”

in the pic we can see 5 boys in pledis practice room posing cutely with their manager/trainer. as of now pledis said that they are thinking of debuting a “5-6 Member Group” for After School Boys and will soon follow After School’s Current number which is 8.

Members Jonghyun who previously rapped for U-ie’s solo song “SokSokSok” and Dongho who was feaured in After School’s Music Video for “Play Ur Love” can be seen with 3 new fresh members that are revealed

The Group is Set To Debut in The end of the year

Article By: Iceprinceaftershool @ ELR


2 responses to “NEWS l Sneak Peek to ASB Members

  1. it’s hard to recognise them, but i think in the group shot Dongho is the one on the far right and Jonghyun is standing behind him. I think Yunji is the one second from the left, and as for the other two there’s no knowledge. Maybe one of them is Hyun Ho?
    That’s my guess, I cold be completely wrong though ^^

  2. Right. there’s Dongho & Jonghyun. But the other 3 member’s names are still unknown

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