This is the Admin of AfterSchoolBlaze.

We are glad to recruit staffs and co-admins.

>> As our Blog Admin, you can do any of the following:

1. Post Articles.

2. Communicating or Taking care with fans.

3. Designing the Blog page.

4. Appoint staffs.

5. Manage the Blog Events, Polls, Activities, etc.


>> As our Blog Staff, your roles are:

1. Posting/Editing Articles.

2. Communicating with Fans.

3. Co-work with the Admins.


>> As our Twitter Admins, you must:

1. Update at least ( once a week ).

2. Distribute articles from the blog to Twitter.

3. Communicate well with followers.

4. Etc.


*Note: You are required to agree on this:

We have the right to withdraw your role:

If any Staff cause trouble and do a bad thing to fans & this Blog or is not active for a very long time.


I hope you can enjoy your role and interact more actively with other fans.
Feel free to ask us if you have question or suggestion for the Blog.

Administrators can only upgrade roles.

Every applicant is required to show your eligibility.


— Good Luck & Thank You!


One response to “Agreement

  1. agreeeeee ~ 🙂

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